Mercy triumphs over judgment!

The Bible says “Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom,13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” (James 2:12-13)

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” What does God mean by this declaration? Is God condoning sin? Not at all! God is reaffirming what He told us in other places in the Bible. Judgment is reserved for God alone. No human being has the right to judge another human being. By the statement God is telling every one of us to continue to love and be merciful to everyone even when they have clearly fallen into sin. He did not say to embrace their sin or dismiss their sin as good. He warned us to be careful when helping anyone who was ensnared in sin or we could become overcome by the same sin.

So the right application of the statement is: Denounce sin as sin and stay as far away as possible from it. Pray to God to safeguard you from their sin. Then offer assistance to the person afflicted by the sin, praying to God that they may be redeemed from the sin. Lead the person to what is necessary to confess their sin and resolve never to do it again and mean it with all their heart, and continue to try and reach God throughout their ordeal.

Never for a second downplay what they have done or take it for granted that because God forgives all sins what they have done is really no big deal because you will bring judgment on yourself and will draw God’s wrath. You must always repudiate sin and keep it away from you. Any downplaying of sin could be seriously consequential. We must always remember that God’s way is higher than our way; His mind is higher than ours.

Be careful how involved you become: Your responsibility is not to outline to anyone what part of their actions constitutes sin. That is what their conscience is for. If they do not recognize their disobedience of God as disobedience, you are playing with fire because you might be sucked in and burned. If their conscience is seared, there is nothing you can do about it. Only God can restore their conscience and make them feel things the right way again.

The Bible says: “The Gentiles who did not receive the law are a law for themselves because …”. So God still communicates with every human being through their spirit. It is not your duty or anyone else’s to dissect sin and pronounce to the sinner what is wrong with their sin. The sinner already knows it because God is sure to get that point across to everyone who disobeys His commands. And that applies to everything God has commanded mankind in the Bible.

God said love one another so that the world will know that you belong to me. How would anybody measure love except by being obedient to all the commandments of God. If you choose to disobey any of God’s commandment at any point, you are failing to love as God says to love. Obedience to God’s commandment is the only way to measure anyone’s love of God.

That is why Jesus Christ says: “If you love me, obey my commands.” “I obey my Father’s commands because I love the Father.” “I obey everything the Father says.”

Obeying all of God’s commands bring us God’s blessings and God’s protection “If you obey my commands, my Father and I will come to you and build our house near you.” So you want God’s love, mercy, protection and blessings, obey all of God’s commandment. Do not say it is impossible to do so because you will not be doing it by your own powers; the Spirit of God will empower you to do it.

Anytime you wonder if you are doing it right, ask yourself this question: “Am I obeying everything God has commanded me to obey? Or am I picking and choosing what to obey and what not to obey because I do not like how God stated it?” You will immediately know your answer. You do not need to get a pastor to explain it to you.