You are wonderfully and fearfully made!

You are a soul, a spirit and a body. The soul is really who you are. It is that discrete entity created by God as a being and equipped with intellect (mind) and the spirit. Your soul is the you God conceived, created and let loose to articulate and function at will, accumulating the experience and sophistication that cumulates into that which ultimately manifests itself as your character and conviction.

The Bible says, “For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son — both alike belong to me. The soul who sin is the one who will die.” (Ezekiel 18:4).

Note that in this quotation, God refers to the soul as “the father” and “the son”, because the soul is really who you are. The soul is you and is eternal. It is your soul that lives this life and it is your soul that continues into the next one — the eternal life. The soul is discrete and equipped with distinctive characteristics that are unique and unlike no other. There is no two souls that are created alike; each is unique and peculiar (which is the individual that God created you to be).

Your parents may have conceived you nine months before your birth, but God may have conceived you hundreds of years before you were put into your mother’s womb. (Isaiah chapter 45 concerning Cyrus, King of Persian who God promised to raise to rebuild Jerusalem way before He destroyed the Jewish state and sent its people into exile in Babylon, and way before Cyrus was actually born, became king and led the Persians to victory over Babylon). The soul is a product of God’s mind and is incorporated by God into the biological composition that results at human conception.

And because no two souls are created alike, each and every one of us approaches and responds to things in life differently. The soul is given a body and a mind and an access to God (man’s spirit). The spirit gives life to the soul, the body and the mind. The body carries out the will of the soul. The mind, with input from the spirit, decides for the soul, but it is the mind that ultimately dictates to the body what to do.

Whereas the soul is discrete and peculiar, the spirit on the other hand is one and the same and emanates from one central source — God. The spirit in each and every one of us is the same Spirit that is God (The Holy Spirit). Unlike the soul, it is not personalized but has the capacity and the power to work, freely and at will, in every one, all of the time, and to the capacity desired by God for the spirit to work in any one individual at any particular point in time. The Spirit is God’s and His only and no one else has control over it. It is the spirit inside of man that gives life to man and allows him to power through everything he chooses to engage in in life. The spirit fuels the soul and the body.

The body consists of all the organic parts of man (including the heart, the brain, the blood and all others). The body is organic and perishes once the soul is removed from it. And that is why when Job’s skin was wasting away it did not matter to God because He has the power to make everything new.

The heart is the engine block for the spirit (which is extended from God to man) and dispersed throughout our body through the blood. The Bible tells us that life is in the blood. And we know, through science, that the blood is circulated throughout the body by the heart, thereby putting life into every cell and tissue in the body.

And the spirit in us has discerning power that allows us to understand things that are beyond the capacity of our mind. So the spirit in us sees things apart from our mind and often is conflicted with the mind over the issues in our lives. And why is the spirit this superior over the mind?

It is simple! The spirit belongs to God and since it is continually extended to us from God, it is our lifeline to God’s perfect knowledge; which is only given to us out of His immense love to keep us on straight path “lest we’ll be snared”. In essence, the spirit is a being within us because the spirit is ‘God in us’.

Although we rarely give any thoughts to this, it is the spirit that drives the man, not the mind. The spirit has a much larger access to our world than the mind has. The spirit is broad and far reaching whereas the mind is restricted to our body and draws only from its immediate surroundings and its limited experience. But the spirit draws to us a renewed will and purpose. It gives us fresh expectations and hope and optimism. And when we nurture it, it brings to us fresh thoughts and revelations, and confidence about our place on this earth and in God.

Our Maker designed our mind and our spirit to work in perfect synergy in the coordination of our thoughts and the pursuits of life for the fulfillment of our destiny. And that is why even when we are failing, as long as we keep getting up and trying, we ultimately get to the desired result. The spirit is designed to lead the mind and when this is the dynamics in our personal life, we are winners more than we are losers.